Saturday, October 5, 2013

Matzo ball soup

One shouldn't have to make one's own matzo ball soup when sick.  But I did.  Feeling like crap is always, well, crappy, but combined with self-pity over one's lonely situation is even worse.  I want someone to make me some soup and some tea and put me to bed.  But no, not only do I not have someone to take care of me, I have three boys to take care of too.  It's not even that I'm missing the STBEX.  He was never much of a caretaker.  I might have gotten a nap from him if I'd asked for it, but he wasn't/isn't the type to look out for my needs above his own.  I texted him this morning and told him I was sick and wondered if he would be willing to help with the boys some today.  He said he was sorry I was sick but had a busy day planned.  Yeah right.  Busy with what.  Who cares.  It's nothing new really.  Why should I be surprised?

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