Monday, January 6, 2014

No team players here today

All three of my boys were a totally uncooperative all day today from the time their father dropped them off until they fell asleep and that leaves the MC still being uncooperative as he is awake and being disobedient nearly two hours before being tucked in with a lecture, a kiss and hug, a prayer, and no story for doing pretty much nothing that I asked all day long. I've now locked myself in my room so I don't use regretful parenting tactics.
I get that the bottom line is that he wants/needs more one on one time with me, but I'm too frustrated with him to give it tonight.
And then I feel guilty because upon reflection he hasn't had much one on one time with me in the last few days. We had a great vacation, but it wasn't one on one time. In fact, there was probably less of it then usual. And then he was at his father's last night and run when they came back today he got none of it either. And he could have had some today, but we never got to any of that kind of thing because all day they were refusing to unload the car and do a few other simple and reasonable tasks.
So maybe the lesson here is to build in one in one time with each of them when they come back from their father's, even if it's just 10 minutes per boy, before trying to do anything else.

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