Saturday, September 28, 2013

Love Potions

So I've been sucked into the television show Once Upon a Time.  I've never been much of a TV watcher.  I don't have that kind of time.  I never understand how people do.  But since spring, I've been rotting my brain with a lot of TV.  I'm deciding right now that I'm going to give myself a solid year of TV brain rot, then I'm going to put limits on it.  I could definitely use some limits.  I watched all of the Downton Abbey episodes in the spring and summer.  (Now I have to wait until January with everyone else to see what happens.)  Then I worked my way through the final season of the Office.  The storyline with Jim and Pam killed me.  I saw more love between those two actors portraying fictional characters than I believe my STBEX every had for me.  I was bawling one night watching it.  Who knew prime time comedic sitcoms could have you crying your eyes out.  Then one night a couple of weeks ago, desperate for a movie or something, I came across Once Upon a Time.  It looked like a pleasant diversion for the evening. Now I'm completely addicted.  And with the instant delivery of Netflix, I have the unfortunate ability of watching one right after another.  I've already wasted my life on 16 45-minute episodes in the past week or so.  I've not been sleeping just to stay up and watch TV. How stupid is that?  But the show is very creative.  And with a cliffhanger at the end of each episode, it keeps you coming back for more.
Anyhow, aside from feeling ashamed about all the TV watching, the show got me thinking about love potions (since there is a whole magical element to the storyline).  On one hand, I don't really believe in such nonsense, right?  I'm a rational logical Western soul with a very "new-agey" belief in God and all things spiritual that is far more in tune with what little I know about quantum physics than fairy tales or movies with Charleston Heston.  And yet, that woo-woo side of quantum physics and all things spiritual also allows for me to shrug my shoulders and declare, "there's more to life than we understand, right?" So, no, I don't really believe in love potions, and what I'm about to say must certainly be coming from a place of pain that's just looking for any explanation for everything that's happened, right?  At least I'm ashamed to admit, even to an anonymous audience of none, that maybe there could be such a thing as an effective love potion. And yet, if I had been a firmer non-believer, I wouldn't have used one.    But I did.  I was warned to be careful, that it's powerful magic.  It was made specifically for me by a magic man in my Peace Corps village.   And it worked.  He did fall in love with me, or so it seemed. But it the magic powerful enough to last a lifetime?  I didn't ask how long it would last.  I should have done so.  Seems like an important question to ask in retrospect.  Is that why he was in love with me?  Was it the love potion?  Was he compelled to love me only because of that? Was it beyond his will?  Did it wear off?  I wouldn't ask these questions to any sane person, but I can't help wonder about them in secret.  

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