Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wise words from Momastery

Haven't posted in over a month!  So so so busy. Sorting, purging, packing, moving loads, working (including some really hard personnel stuff at work that is trying me in new ways), Passover, coolest ever birthday party (of my whole entire life), demolition of parts of the new house, remodeling, oh my GOD!!!  Way way way too much on my plate.   (And the dissolution should be completed this coming month also.) I said to a colleague today that I really could use a vacation.  Not just the two or three-day kind, but a full on two or three weeks of detachment.  Ha ha.  Don't see any chance of that happening for a LONG time. And  besides all the logistical stuff in life, the emotional waves keep coming.  They aren't incapacitating at this point, but the flotsam and jetsam of these emotional tidal waves is still plenty overwhelming at times. Tonight with three minutes I went from joy to determination to rejection to grief all because of hearing Phillip Philips' song, "Home." 
Can't possible try to fill in all the unrecorded details, but I just wanted to put this here because it really struck me as profound.  This was from a posting from Momastery on fB: 

From Momastery:
...In other news- I'm in a funk. A days long, relentless funk. Cannot catch my groove. I've done all the things I'm supposed to do like exercise and prioritize and rest and pray and eat better and get fresh air and etc etc and no matter what I do I am still funky. I am funkier than cold medina. And so I am telling myself that this shall pass. I know it will. But even though I know that- I'm just really DOWN and so I thought if I couldn't get anything else good done - at least I could come here and say "Hey- I'm BLUE and If You're Blue too, you're not alone. We can be blue together, maybe. "

And I also wanted to say that if you're blue but afraid to admit it because you're supposed to be grateful for what you have all the time since there are so many with less - listen. I hope you know I'm all for gratitude. Good stuff. But- sadness is not a "first world problem." It's just part of the human experience. And we are all blessed/cursed with the ENTIRE human experience no matter where we live or what we have or don't have. So please don't tell yourself you can't be sad because someone somewhere is probably sadder unless you're also going to refuse to allow yourself to be happy because somebody somewhere might be happier. 

I love the part highlighted in blue! What a concept!

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