Sunday, June 29, 2014


Sometimes inertia overpowers me.

That's what I was starting to write when the phone rang and I spoke with my good friend R for an hour. Now I feel like I can get up and get busy with all that I need to do. Of course now it's 11am!!! Don't know when I was last in pjs at that time of the morning.
Which means I don't want to spend time now filling in the big details of the last month like finalizing the divorce. (It's official. I'm divorced. As of June 18th, 2014.) And everything else. Another time. I need to get back to writing here though. I reread a little bit this AM when the inertia was keeping me in bed and realized that I've learned some of the lessons I was needing to learn when I was writing about them. So this is a helpful tool. Better than moping in bed. But no moping now. Get up and make a smoothie and then MORE painting!!!

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